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The Character of Sargeant Crowley: A “Beer Summit” photo that tells it all

The Character of Sargeant Crowley: A “Beer Summit” photo that tells it all – ironchapman’s blog – RedState.


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Obama’s beer fails to cool fiery race row

Obama’s beer fails to cool fiery race row – Times Online .

“THEY are calling it bar-stool diplomacy – a novel attempt by President Barack Obama to cool a heated racial controversy by inviting the offended parties to settle their differences over a beer at the White House.

Yet the president’s efforts to limit the fallout from a row over the arrest last week of Henry Louis Gates Jr, a black Harvard professor, may serve to extend a furore that has shaken the White House and raised questions about Obama’s vaunted leadership skills.

The row showed no sign of diminishing yesterday as Massachusetts media pressed for the release of police tapes that could shed new light on the angry exchanges between Gates and Sergeant James Crowley, a white officer who arrived at the professor’s Cambridge home to investigate a report of a break-in.

The incident led to a rare breakdown of Obama’s previously impressive political judgment. Having spent much of the past two years steering clear of racial controversy and nurturing an image of so-called “postracial” conciliation, the president plunged unexpectedly into the Gates affair.”

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Barbara Boxer Exposed as ‘Racial’

American Thinker Blog: Barbara Boxer Exposed as ‘Racial’.

“Harry Alford, representing the National Black Chamber of Commerce lashed out at Senator Barbara Boxer during a meeting with the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. Alter was challenging Boxer’s position on climate changelegislation – specifically, Boxer’s contention that green jobs were being created in California.”

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